Frankfurt am Main

Elektrizität im Kerzenlicht

26 January – 16 February, 2014

Opening Reception:  Saturday 25 January 2014, 7–9pm

The Ocean is not liberating at all. Perhaps it´s beautiful, but in the sense of freedom/non freedom… it´s totally letting us down. You can only go out a bit. It´s fun to hang out and play at the shore, but that´s as much as you can do.

“Across the Dark Metropolis” I take a closer look on the city of Los Alamos where Robert Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb and gave birth to modern physics. Later, it was in the same city, during the mid 1970s, Seymore Cray developed the Cray-1 supercomputer and led us into the digital-age. Also at that time, William Eggleston snatched a one man solo show at the prestigious MOMA in New York with the launch of his book ‘Los Alamos’. His project focussed on capturing the surroundings in which these pivotal modernist concepts were realised and executed. It was Eggleston who paved the way for colour photography to feature as permanent exhibits in art galleries and consequently developed its reputation as a respected artistic medium. Taking all this into consideration, I’d like to put forward my belief in the assumption that Los Alamos is a strong contender for the birthplace of Modernism as we know and live it today.

Across the Dark Metropolis, 2014

Series of 12 C-prints

20 x 30cm each