Frankfurt am Main

Public Domain

12 March – 9 April, 2017

He asked whether components produced in thirty different countries, when assembled into a computer by Samsung, constitute production.
That is not production, but Design.
I don´t see any labourers at work.
The assembly is taken care of robots.
And what are we to make of the finger flicks with which the cancer-plagued head of Apple, made his touch-screen models so successful – Is that not also design?
The products are the fingertips themselves and then handiness.
Something like that enters into the world as a need because in everyday life there are no worry stones to hold in your hand and certainly little if any sensuousness.
The lack is the producer himself.


Stephen Suckale (b. 1979, Frankfurt am Main) lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. He studied under Thomas Bayrle and Michael Krebber at the Städelschüle in Frankfurt where he graduated in 2008. “Public Domain” will be his second solo exhibition at Frankfurt am Main. Recent exhibitions include “Trust Me With Your Money, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt am Main; “Standard Oil”, The Tip, Frankfurt am Main; “Whatever man built could be taken apart: Image / Order”, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden; “Klaus Nomi”, NAK, Aachen. In conjunction with his exhibition at Frankfurt am Main, Suckale is releasing a self published book titled “All Mod Cons”.