Frankfurt am Main

Am harten Brot nagen

15 December – 8 February, 2015

Opening Reception: Sunday, 14th December 2014, 7-9 pm

Negative hands

One might not know where to put one’s hands. There is a tradition of dealing with this in christianity called arching. The fingertips touch each other, it’s impossible to say which hand feels the other first.

We know she went to the caves of lascaux this summer. But her renderings are not of beautiful hunter gatherer hands, this is the deformed, sweaty and domesticated hand of the MENSCH.

„Sometimes she jokes about going to a party and just breathing, nobody finds it funny.“ Maybe the paintings were drawn on glass with fatty fingers and you had to breathe them visible.

Normally you can only see the spine of a human if something has gone wrong. If the spine of a book falls off the one is revealed to be made up of the many. The pages fall out like teeth from the cover mouth. To avoid this you could make everything white, write in invisible ink, let the teeth fall gently into snow.

There is a style of modern churches, normal after bauhaus. Translucence, a spiritual framelesness, symbolic frames trump real ones, smokey tape. It’s temporary, you’re going to have to build a new one, it´s easy once you have the formula.

Text by Olga Pedan